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All Ultraversity researchers are invited to contact ARU students union if they have any problems as the reps are not actually meant to represent anyone other than themselves. This blog is now authored by people who are not reps. Talk to us here, moan or throw brick bats - you won't offend and there's about zero chance of anyone paying attention to your views but hey, you might feel better.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Field Pathway Meetings

Field Pathway Meetings Responses July 2005

Recommendations Cohort 1 Field Pathway Meeting 15th March 2005

Recommendation 1
Explore ways of delivering the Action Enquiry modules without using the Action Enquiry tool.
This recommendation is accepted.

Recommendation 2
Make the use of the tool optional.
This recommendation is partially accepted with the proviso that this would need to be through negotiation with learning facilitators if researchers wish to opt out of using the tool. The External Assessor specifically mentioned the tool as good practice. The sections and headings used within the tool will remain an integral part of the requirements of the module even when a researcher opts not to use the tool.

Recommendation 3
Separate scaffolding and publishing issues in the Action Enquiry modules.
Work is ongoing to do this.

Recommendation 4
Move back the deadline for the self-assessment module.

Recommendation 5
Give researchers the option to begin work early on the first year 3 module.
Materials to be made available from mid July for those who wish to make a start. Facilitator support will not be given until the start of the next semester in September when the module begins.

Recommendation 6
Make the complaints procedure clearer
This has been done. Please see the Student handbook, linked from "APU student information" on the left hand column after you log in to Ultraversity.

Recommendation 7
Explore student union involvement
Please see the link from the portfolio tool to student union website, again follow the "APU student information" link. The students' union is a separate body from APU that is there to represent the interest of students. Researchers are encouraged to explore student union involvement in any matters that concern them as this is their right and the responsibility of the student union to meet their needs.

Recommendations Cohort 2 Field Pathway Meeting 10th March 2005

Recommendation 1
Make the range/breadth of literature greater where possible in the optional section.

Recommendation 2
Clarify in good time the position of individual researchers regarding their progress from one year to the next year - in particular any concerns that they may not be able to progress into the next year because of failed modules. Recommendation 3 will mainly address this.

Recommendation 3
Develop a method of researcher review for researchers that are having problems.
We are currently working on this.

Recommendation 4
Make procedures clearer to researchers
The "APU student information" has been thoroughly reviewed and updated

Recommendation 5
A 'Suggestion Box' to be placed in First Class to allow feedback from the start of a term, not just toward the end of a term.
Field Pathway processes are currently being reviewed

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