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All Ultraversity researchers are invited to contact ARU students union if they have any problems as the reps are not actually meant to represent anyone other than themselves. This blog is now authored by people who are not reps. Talk to us here, moan or throw brick bats - you won't offend and there's about zero chance of anyone paying attention to your views but hey, you might feel better.

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Friday, July 07, 2006
Right of reply

Someone anonymous posted this in May: bored May 08, 06

"Sheesh - what can I say?" For the second time I'm trying to comment - there is no comments option available on the above post and no right of reply as the comments option is so obviously moderated!!!:-( getting bored of trying now:-) Not the Reps blog - not anyone's blog. 2 entries by lmhartley in the last 6 months. Y not call it the Andy & Linda non-blog? Who cares?

Just to set the record straight comments have never been turned off or moderated.

It coudn't continue to be called the Reps Blog because no reps were authors on it. I agree it's not really anyone's blog anymore. As you can see I haven't even looked at it for the last 4 or 5 months. It persists for purely historic reasons.

Posted at 11:07 pm by lmhartley


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