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All Ultraversity researchers are invited to contact ARU students union if they have any problems as the reps are not actually meant to represent anyone other than themselves. This blog is now authored by people who are not reps. Talk to us here, moan or throw brick bats - you won't offend and there's about zero chance of anyone paying attention to your views but hey, you might feel better.

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Monday, November 01, 2004
The New Reps

The new reps have all been invited to be co-authors of this blog. I hope they'll feel free to post on any issues that interest them. It will be interesting to see how the blog develops with so many new voices and I look forward to some lively discussions here :-)

Posted at 07:09 pm by lmhartley
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Friday, October 22, 2004
Latest Reps details

The following researchers have volunteered to be researcher representatives by the 15th October deadline. There are six cohort 1 representatives and three cohort 2 representatives all representing the education sector.
We have had no volunteers from researchers representing the health sector. Any health sector researchers who would be willing to represent their fellow researchers please contact Ken Allen at as soon as possible.
Your researcher representatives for this academic year are:
  • Lisa Munton Cohort 1 Education
  • Denise Binks Cohort 1 Education
  • Linda Hartley Cohort 1 Education
  • Maureen Slack Cohort 1 Education
  • Andy Roberts Cohort 1 Education
  • Peter Lilja Cohort 1 Education
  • Jamie Lee Cohort 2 Education
  • Angela Souter Cohort 2 Education
  • Kate Baronius Cohort 2 Education

  • Posted at 10:49 am by Andy
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    Thursday, October 21, 2004
    Reps for 2004/5

    Up to 9 people have volunteered to be reps for this year, but there will not need to be an election, the number of places can simply be expanded to accommodate these. Details to follow later.

    Posted at 03:58 pm by Andy
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    Sunday, October 03, 2004
    Call for representatives

    There's a message on the Ultraversity website from Ken asking for volunteers for this academic year.

    Researcher Representative          created on: 29/9/2004, 1:38 pm
    Volunteers are requested for researcher representatives for the new
    academic year. 
    Researcher representatives are researchers who are take part in the field pathway meetings at the end of a term. These meetings review the previous terms work and make recommendations for improvements to the researcher experience and courses. The meetings take the form of a telephone conference usually at 7:00 pm on a mid week night and generally last no more than an hour.
    If you would like to be a researcher representative please email Ken Allen on before the end of the 15th October.

    Posted at 04:44 pm by Andy
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    Monday, June 14, 2004
    Semesters and Holidays

    Term will re-start in September this year,

    either on 20th or 27th.

  • Changing to semesters will help with traditional holiday periods.
  • Summer holiday access to resources requested because researchers have time to work on materials.
  • Reading materials and module outlines available before the summer break if possible and as soon as possible after this if the summer break deadline is not possible.
  • Researchers will want to start module activities early in September and get ahead on their tasks.

  • Posted at 06:42 pm by lmhartley
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    Social Face to Face

  • Can researchers meet face to face for social contact?
  • Is there Students Union funding for the student body to facilitate this? To be investigated.
  • Students need to organise this since Ultraversity staff need to provide equality of opportunity in what they provide.
  • Some social gathering locations provide more opportunity than others for some students in a face to face setting.

  • Posted at 06:39 pm by lmhartley
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    Virtual Pub

  • Rex and Lyndsey’s technical PC led to the idea of a virtual pub to enable researchers to talk via phone using a phone conference tool – emphasis on social
  • How many callers can 3 Plus handle?
  • It needs to be tried to see if there are interested people.

  • Posted at 06:38 pm by lmhartley
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    Fees and Administration

  • Fees for next year information and fee waiver details needed by students very soon.
  • Application for the next year can be done in house, the year after will be done through LEAs etc
  • Re-registration information needed

  • Posted at 06:37 pm by lmhartley
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    Ultraversity Website

    Ultraversity Website

  • Fed up having to use password and username. LFs expressed surprise as this was not a known issue. Password and username can be set automatically from a local machine. Details to be made available.
  • Search facility needs improving on the website, eg. a hierarchy of options
  • Need for a site map on website
  • Don’t feel the new version of the website is an improvement over the old
  • Don’t like the very text based style
  • Need to appeal to learners of all styles
  • Provide alternative ways of displaying information
  • Structural over view of the whole degree on website needs to be clearer
  • Roadmap for the future
  • New website can do far more, individual ‘to do lists’ etc. Not being fully exploited yet.
  • Further advertising the student experience from the researchers point of view. Use of short videos.

  • Posted at 06:35 pm by lmhartley
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    Tuesday, June 08, 2004
    Choices other than First Class

    Choices other than First Class
  • Individuals have different preferences for how they find it easiest to access information and discussions. Small pieces of commonly available software joined together to form education communities may be able to provide a solution based on commonly used internet protocols ( mail, news, html, instant messaging etc) so that users can each choose which software they wish to employ while all taking part in the same discussions as one community.
  • Notification software could be suited to individuals preferred software. LFs suggested that this could discourage community involvement.
  • Wiki software may help solve the group collaboration issue
  • The reps are very impressed by UltraLab South’s new website with its integrated use of wiki pages. Facilitators were urged to look at what has been achieved there already.

  • Posted at 12:22 am by lmhartley
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