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All Ultraversity researchers are invited to contact ARU students union if they have any problems as the reps are not actually meant to represent anyone other than themselves. This blog is now authored by people who are not reps. Talk to us here, moan or throw brick bats - you won't offend and there's about zero chance of anyone paying attention to your views but hey, you might feel better.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004
What are Field Pathway Meetings ?

Just to clarify for anyone who is unsure, Field Pathway meetings are held every term for each cohort. They are phone conferences attended by reps and members of the Ultraversity staff. They are our opportunity to put forward our own views about the previous term and any views or issues that other researchers have made known to us. We discuss the feedback conference and bring up any issues that arise from that. So if you have any burning issues let us know either here or to one of us individually in FirstClass. When we've had them we will post a copy of the minutes here.

Posted at 03:25 pm by lmhartley
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Forthcoming Cohort 2 Field Pathway Meeting

Forthcoming Telephone Conference meeting:

"Cohort 2 Field Pathway Meeting on Tuesday 30th November.

This will take the form of a phone conference not lasting more than one
hour and starting at 7:00 pm.

This is an opportunity to review the researcher experience on the
course to date and to make some recommendations for future practice in
the light of these experiences."

As Andy said with the forthcoming Cohort 1 meeting - anybody who wants to pass on experiences and recomendations please do so here, or contact any of us individually. 

Thanks looking forward to hearning from you.

Posted at 02:32 pm by Angela_Dxb
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And Hi from me!

Welcome to all the reps - old and new. I suppose I should say something about myself. Briefly: I am a TA in a primary school in the north west of England. I also have a role as research assistant to our local Learning Network Cluster involved in in-school action research projects. I am in Cohort 1 in the Education Community.

I enjoyed being a rep last year. The meetings were interesting, I enjoyed the contact with other students, and the day at Ultralab was really good -with lots of work being done as well as some social stuff. (Actually the evening afterwards with Mo and Andy and rather a lot of wine was pretty good too!) I've mostly enjoyed my first year at Ultraversity and I hope this year will be just as good.

Linda H

Posted at 09:25 am by lmhartley
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Saturday, November 06, 2004
Cohort 1 meeting

news yesterday:

"Cohort 1 Field Pathway Meeting on Tuesday 23rd November.

This will take the form of a phone conference not lasting more than one
hour and starting at 7:00 pm.

This is an opportunity to review the researcher experience on the
course last term and to date and to make some recommendations for
future practice in the light of these experiences."

So anybody who wants to pass on experiences and recomendations please do so here, or contact any of us individually.   

Posted at 03:03 pm by Andy
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Friday, November 05, 2004
Invitation accepted

Hello, my name is Jamie and I'm a researcher from cohort 2.  Something about me...I'm currently a Network Manager for a technology specialist staus school in North London.  I have two technicians although maybe this will not be the case for long.  The school has 1660 students.  Our motto is achievement for all and it's a fun and vibrant place to work.  I am involved with the planning of all things ICT and have recently overhauled the network with a VOIP g/bit backbone and in excess of 200 pc's and laptops.  I'm pleased to have become a rep for ultraversity and look forward to engaging in this capacity.  I've seen already a flurry of mail in my inbox, so anything to keep me online and interested is a good thing.  For anyone wishing to know, I am not married, neither do I intend to be, although apparently everyone says that.  I play some sport and get out when I can, although in common with the rest of you spend most time these days in front of the computer studying.  I'm not complaining though, ultraversity is a great place to study as not only is it learning it is learning in a community, which for me definitely works.  Well enough said for one post...over and out!

Posted at 11:05 pm by Jamie
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I'm not quite sure what to write that hasn't been said about the purpose of the student reps already, so I'll just say hello instead.  I'm a Teaching Assistant in a village primary school in Wiltshire, and a school governor with responsibility for SEN.  Within UV I'm in the Primary community in cohort 1. 

I'm approaching this new role with a little trepidation but sort of looking forward to it too.  I hope that as fellow researchers, you can share with us, by email or however you choose, not only the difficulties you encounter through the course, but the best bits too so that we have a true reflection of what life as a UV student is like.
Lisa :-)


Posted at 10:45 pm by Lisa Munton
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Thursday, November 04, 2004
About me

My name is Kate Baronius I live and work in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, I am in the third year at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School and Performing Arts College, a selective secodary school.

I am the systems manager and look after the curriculum and administration systems with the help of two other members of staff. I am currently finishing the commissioning of the new admin sever and workstations and in the midst of preparation for going live with

I have been married for 29 years and have two daughters, the youngest is at Exeter university studying Music.
I am happy to have been given a chance to study for a degree, and for me this is a particularly good way of achieving it (i hope).


Posted at 09:32 pm by Kate Baronius
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Hello from Peter

Hello everyone

i'm Peter Lilja, I'm in Chort 1 and belong to the Learning Community. I live in Essex in a place called Gidea Park. The school I work in is only 10 minutes away in Hornchurch it is a mixed secondary school with appr 960 pupils. The school was awarded sports college status at the end of last term, and there is a buzz about the place thanks to that.

My origin is Swedish, and I'm married to Sue, she was the reason I moved to the UK in the first place. My favourite past time is to go and watch Chelsea play football where I have a season ticket. Until I started this course i also used to be able to play golf, but no longer have time for that, I suppose it is a worthy sacrifice.

In the school I work as an ICT Technician, I teach 4 classes ICT at KS3 every week it is hard work but enjoyable at the same time. Another duty in my job is to organise cover supervision for the school, which makes me the least popular person around every morning when the list goes up. I have been at the school for nearly 3 years, before that I spent 20 years in flour milling. I enjoyed a good career in that industry, which took me to 3 different countries (Sweden, Germany, UK).

I'm looking forward to being a student rep and hope that anyone that need any help will get in touch.

Posted at 08:19 pm by plilja
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Allo Allo from Mo


I'm Maureen Slack and in Cohort 1 in the Management Community.  I work as the School Admin Officer at Chellaston Junior School, 4 miles south of Derby.  We have 470 children on roll, making us one of the largest junior schools in the city.  I've been at the school for nearly 11 years.  Before that I worked for a large export company,until 1984 when I had my first child.  Chris is 20 and in his final year at Leicester University.  Hannah's 15 and in her GCSE year.  We also have a large black cat called Barney - who like any other cat, rules the roost.
I have responsibility for all things admin - including managing the school's MIS system, assessment & recording etc.  This year I've joined a working party on remodelling (school change team) and become team leader to the school's ICT Technician, Pupil Welfare Assistant & Senior MSA.  My role has changed quite a lot since starting the degree and some of that has been as a direct result of the course - in fact I'd say my job has changed more in the last 15 months than it has in the previous 10 years.
I love books, listening to music (live & recorded), going to the gym, holidays in the sun and spending time with friends and family.
I enjoyed being a student rep last year and I found our feedback meetings very helpful.  Linda, Andy & I had a particularly interesting day at Ultralab in June. 
I'm looking forward to talking to the other student reps and hope that anyone who needs our help in any way will get in touch, through this blog, in First Class or by email.  Good luck to everyone with their studies this year.
Best wishes,


Posted at 06:39 pm by Maureen Slack
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From Denise

Hi Everyone,
Yes Linda, thank you for your invite, sorry I deleted your first message because I thought it was Spam!
Well as my first official task as a Student Rep I would like to introduce myself, I am Denise Binks, and I live in Fleet, Hampshire, where I work as an ICT Technician and Learning Support Assistant. I might tell you more about my role some other time, because it's becoming more complex every time I look.  I have two children, David has Dyspraxia and is 11, and Susan, friend  and memory, who is 9.  I have been happily married to Alan for 24 years, though I think things might get a bit strained if I continue to spend all day talking about Double Loop Learning while he is trying to recover from the 'flu'!
Thats it for now, hope everyone is getting along well with their modules.

Posted at 05:46 pm by Denise Binks
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