Entry: From Denise Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hi Everyone,
Yes Linda, thank you for your invite, sorry I deleted your first message because I thought it was Spam!

Well as my first official task as a Student Rep I would like to introduce myself, I am Denise Binks, and I live in Fleet, Hampshire, where I work as an ICT Technician and Learning Support Assistant. I might tell you more about my role some other time, because it's becoming more complex every time I look.  I have two children, David has Dyspraxia and is 11, and Susan, friend  and memory, who is 9.  I have been happily married to Alan for 24 years, though I think things might get a bit strained if I continue to spend all day talking about Double Loop Learning while he is trying to recover from the 'flu'!
Thats it for now, hope everyone is getting along well with their modules.


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