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I'm Maureen Slack and in Cohort 1 in the Management Community.  I work as the School Admin Officer at Chellaston Junior School, 4 miles south of Derby.  We have 470 children on roll, making us one of the largest junior schools in the city.  I've been at the school for nearly 11 years.  Before that I worked for a large export company,until 1984 when I had my first child.  Chris is 20 and in his final year at Leicester University.  Hannah's 15 and in her GCSE year.  We also have a large black cat called Barney - who like any other cat, rules the roost.
I have responsibility for all things admin - including managing the school's MIS system, assessment & recording etc.  This year I've joined a working party on remodelling (school change team) and become team leader to the school's ICT Technician, Pupil Welfare Assistant & Senior MSA.  My role has changed quite a lot since starting the degree and some of that has been as a direct result of the course - in fact I'd say my job has changed more in the last 15 months than it has in the previous 10 years.
I love books, listening to music (live & recorded), going to the gym, holidays in the sun and spending time with friends and family.
I enjoyed being a student rep last year and I found our feedback meetings very helpful.  Linda, Andy & I had a particularly interesting day at Ultralab in June. 
I'm looking forward to talking to the other student reps and hope that anyone who needs our help in any way will get in touch, through this blog, in First Class or by email.  Good luck to everyone with their studies this year.
Best wishes,



November 8, 2004   09:37 AM PST
That's it. The smiley face is an ascii character ( possibly nonstandard ) which doesn't appear in all fonts. Sometimes it appears as a smiley face and sometimes as a J depending on which screen font your browser is displaying.
November 7, 2004   05:55 PM PST
I don't have a giant J ... so somewaht confused. Could it be the large smiley face after my name? Well ast least that's the way it looks on mine...curious.
November 7, 2004   09:33 AM PST
Hi Mo
I'm curious - why the giant J ?

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