Entry: Hello from Peter Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hello everyone

i'm Peter Lilja, I'm in Chort 1 and belong to the Learning Community. I live in Essex in a place called Gidea Park. The school I work in is only 10 minutes away in Hornchurch it is a mixed secondary school with appr 960 pupils. The school was awarded sports college status at the end of last term, and there is a buzz about the place thanks to that.

My origin is Swedish, and I'm married to Sue, she was the reason I moved to the UK in the first place. My favourite past time is to go and watch Chelsea play football where I have a season ticket. Until I started this course i also used to be able to play golf, but no longer have time for that, I suppose it is a worthy sacrifice.

In the school I work as an ICT Technician, I teach 4 classes ICT at KS3 every week it is hard work but enjoyable at the same time. Another duty in my job is to organise cover supervision for the school, which makes me the least popular person around every morning when the list goes up. I have been at the school for nearly 3 years, before that I spent 20 years in flour milling. I enjoyed a good career in that industry, which took me to 3 different countries (Sweden, Germany, UK).

I'm looking forward to being a student rep and hope that anyone that need any help will get in touch.


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April 14, 2016   11:51 AM PDT
How interesting! You enjoyed a good career in that industry which took you to three different countries such as Sweden, Germany, UK. Best regards!
Richard Erinder
August 29, 2005   11:13 AM PDT
Hej Peter

Du är möjligen inte min kusin?heter din pappa Stig Lilja?

Är du nu min kusin, så hälsar jag och mina syskon, Mutti, Lelle, Björn så mycket, ha det bra.
Mvh Richard Erinder
November 6, 2004   04:15 PM PST
Oh well, at least there aren't any gooners, but Peter should be supporting East, East London really. My daily train home often terminates at Gidea Park, but I get out before there.
November 5, 2004   03:57 PM PST
A Chelsea supporter Peter? Oh dear, we're Spurs supporters....but I'm sure we will get on ok despite that! ;-) It's good to find another football fan here too!

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