Entry: And Hi from me! Sunday, November 07, 2004

Welcome to all the reps - old and new. I suppose I should say something about myself. Briefly: I am a TA in a primary school in the north west of England. I also have a role as research assistant to our local Learning Network Cluster involved in in-school action research projects. I am in Cohort 1 in the Education Community.

I enjoyed being a rep last year. The meetings were interesting, I enjoyed the contact with other students, and the day at Ultralab was really good -with lots of work being done as well as some social stuff. (Actually the evening afterwards with Mo and Andy and rather a lot of wine was pretty good too!) I've mostly enjoyed my first year at Ultraversity and I hope this year will be just as good.

Linda H


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April 14, 2016   11:49 AM PDT
Hey guys! I am really happy to attend your meetings next time, when I will be available! It's great that you have mostly enjoyed your first year at University and I also hope this year will be just as good.

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